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Vegetarian diet for your dog

It is a misconception that dogs must have meat as a part of their daily diet. Dogs are omnivorous – they can easily adapt to an all- vegetarian diet. It has been proved that dogs fed on vegetarian diet tend to live healthier and longer lives. What is important though is that the diet has to be of the right nutritional balance. Of course, by choosing a vegetarian diet for your dog, you avoid the terrible cruelty of killing another animal to feed your pet!

Advantages of choosing a vegetarian diet for your dog:

1. Meat happens to be among the most polluted food sources. Excluding meat from daily diet helps avoid health problems due to hormones, chemicals, heavy metals etc.

2. Damage to the liver, heart and kidneys can be avoided to a large extent.

3. Vegetarian diet does not cause any major allergies.

4. Increased energy levels, healthier skin / coat, teeth, gums.

5. Better digestion of food.

6. Obesity is kept in check.

Give your best friend a healthy and balanced diet he deserves and in return, get a trouble-free, wonderful, loving companionship for a long time to come.

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