healthy sugar free snack rich in dry fruits, nuts and seeds

Pomegranate Fruit Spheres - healthy and sugar free snack

Maduban Natural Products

Rs. 150.00

Product Description

A healthy mix of select dried fruits and seeds shaped into balls for easy snacking. The product is sugar free and is vegan friendly too.


 Dried pomegranate fruit, black raisins, dates, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and oats

They do not contain any added sugar, flavors or preservatives

Pack Size

Total pack size is 12 fruit spheres per pack. 

Shelf life & Storage

The fruit spheres should be stored in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight. Can be stored in a refrigerator too. The fruit spheres will last up to 6 months.


Rs. 150/- for a total of 12 fruit spheres per pack. The price is inclusive of all taxes and shipping anywhere within India

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