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Maduban Naturals introduces delicious treats for dogs that are completely vegetarian & natural – free of any synthetic flavors, colors or preservatives. They are a healthy daily treat for your best friend.

– The treats are handmade in small batches to maintain quality of highest standards

– The treats are made using a mix of flour from native grains like bajra, maize,
wheat and soya.

– The treats are fortified with extracts of fresh whole pomegranate fruit. The fruit
antioxidants help remove dental plaque as well as prevent gum diseases.

– The chews also contain dried mint powder obtained from optimum drying of fresh
mint leaves (grown organically in our own garden). Mint helps in freshness of breath besides helping in digestion.


Flour mix of soya, maize, bajra, wheat, yeast, vegetable oil, pomegranate
extract powder, dried mint


Store under refrigerated conditions for the chews to retain their hardness

Expiry period

Best used within 3 months from date of manufacture

Each pack contains 30 treats

MRP – Rs. 150/pack(inclusive of all taxes)


Can be purchased online. Shipping free to anyplace within India! The item will be shipped within 2 days of receipt of order.


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