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Pomegranate dog tooth powder – natural & chemical free!

When man is lonely, God sends him a dog” – A.M. de la Martine

The rich man’s guardian and the poor man’s friend, the only creature faithful to the end” – George Crabbe

A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself” – Josh Billings

Dogs and humans have had a symbiotic relationship for several thousand years now. The number of dogs as simply household pets is increasing by the day. Just as the dog who comes home as a pup, looks up to us as the whole world it is our utmost responsibility to provide him all the love and care that he needs. Routine, proper care of his daily needs like right kind of food, clean water, grooming, exercise and play will ensure you enjoy many happy years with your best friend.

Food particles (especially in soft feeds) tend to accumulate between the dog’s teeth and over a period of time the plaque formation develops into hard scaling. Bones or dog chews can limit the plaque formation only to a very small extent. Hence tooth brushing for dogs is as important as it is for humans. Poor oral hygiene results in bad breath, gum diseases, infections (spreading to lungs and brain) and eventually heart diseases. Canine tooth brushing is similar to brushing of human teeth. This daily chore will not take more than a minute and will help your pet lead a long and healthy life. Brushing of a dog’s teeth at least 3 times a week is recommended. It is also advisable to start this regimen at the early stage of puppyhood itself.

Regular toothpastes should strictly not be used to brush a dog’s teeth. Most dogs tend to swallow the toothpaste instead of spitting them out and therefore it is important that the contents of a dog’s toothpaste are ingestible and free from any chemicals or other synthetic ingredients.

Maduban Naturals offers a 100% Natural tooth powder for dogs and other pets that is completely free of any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and made using highly concentrated extracts of pomegranate whole fruit (peel, juice and seeds) and organically grown fresh mint leaves in combination with other food ingredients.

If man deserves the best in life, so does his best friend!

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