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Handmade Green Tea enriched with fruit extracts and herbs

A few months back I drove up to Ooty – for a two day break from work. Little did I realize that the weekend trip would get me deeper into work. I was to stay at the Lothlorien tea garden – a half hour drive from Ooty towards Kotagiri. Mrs. & Mr. Surenkumar, who own the tea garden are an interesting couple. They have led the fast paced life – having been in places like Thailand, Mumbai etc before deciding to settle down in Ooty and engage themselves in organic cultivation and social work.

As I drove into the tea garden I saw the couple along with a few women workers engaged  in hand processing of tea leaves. As a welcome drink, I was offered a fresh, hot cup of the brew from the leaves that they had just processed. It was the most delightful cup of green tea brew that I had ever tasted. It was so light, clear and it did not have any bitter taste!! I found out that while they sold most of the tea leaves to the nearby tea factories, they used the best and choicest of their tea leaves to make their own handmade green tea. For the next two days, it was tea tasting fest with endless cups of green tea laced with exotic herbs like thyme, rosemary, lemongrass, lemon verbena, mint etc. The herbs, which again are grown in their garden are processed with care to preserve their flavor and aroma. I was also introduced to the concept of vedic organic cultivation (more on that at the end of the article) which not only helps safeguard the quality of the soil but also contributes to the overall improvement in quality of the produce.

The enthusiasm of the couple and their workers being so infectious, I got out of my ‘take a break’ reverie and got back to business. I told them of my interest in using their handmade green tea and herbs in our ‘Maduban Naturals’ formulations to which they agreed. They however made it very clear that they could only supply the tea and herbs in limited quantities since all the products were handmade and that scaling up of operations would result in compromise in quality which they were not willing to. I managed to get a small sample of their produce and drove back to Bangalore to start my formulation trials.

After a lot of permutations and combinations we ended up finalizing our Maduban Naturals Gourmet Handmade Green Tea Bags – a unique combination of handmade green tea enriched with extracts of fresh whole Pomegranate / Jamun fruit and laced with herbs like thyme / rosemary / lemongrass in handmade muslin cloth bags. The brew from this gourmet tea bags delivers not only the goodness of green tea but also the healthy fruit antioxidants and herbal phytonutrients besides super taste! For more information please click on links below:

Vedic Organic Cultivation:

  • Use of cow products as growth stimulant viz. Panchagavya – a product based on Ghee, Milk, Curds, Cow urine and Cow Dung with Coconut Water, Jaggery and Banana Fruit.
  • Use of Dasagavya – natural plants extracted in Cow urine and mixed with Panchagavya for controlling plant infections and at the same giving nutrition to plant.
  • ‘Homa’ therapy or Agnihotra performed daily at sunrise and sunset to purify surroundings and promote harmony and also improve product quality. Use of Ash from Agnihotra stimulates growth and controls pests.
  • Use of Vermi Compost as the only soil fertilizer.
  • Optimal use of influence of planets stars etc., by choosing the right time for above applications as recommended by Indian Vedic Farming practices.

The inputs mentioned above are produced in the estate itself, following best practices and has helped in revitalizing the soil and producing best quality tea leaves and herbs.


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