Why are all your products made using pomegranate fruit?

Pomegranate is a fruit native to India / Asia. Its health benefits find mention in ancient Vedic texts, The Holy Koran and The Bible. We have thus chosen to harness the health potential of pomegranate fruit and use it in all our products.

How is pomegranate useful for good health?

Pomegranate has for long been acclaimed for its health benefits and for its disease-fighting antioxidant potential. Studies have shown that pomegranate juice has more polyphenol antioxidants than any other drink, such as red wine, green tea, blueberry juice, cranberry juice and orange juice. It has the highest antioxidant content among all fruits. Each part of the fruit (peel, juice, and seed) is rich in a particular antioxidant.

What are anti-oxidants?

They are compounds that protect the body against free radicals – the harmful molecules that can cause heart disease, premature aging, Alzheimer’s disease, blindness, and a variety of cancers. There are many kinds of antioxidants, some produced by the body and others derived from the foods that we eat. When the body’s natural defenses are lowered, or greater amounts of free radicals are being produced, the body becomes more dependent on external source of antioxidants, mostly derived from food/fruits.

Can I not just consume the fruit or fruit juice instead of having products made from the fruit?

Eating fresh fruit is normally the best thing to do. However, in the case of pomegranates, we generally tend to discard the outer skin & rind and consume only the fruit inside. Each part of the fruit is rich in a particular antioxidant. The peel is 100 times richer in terms of antioxidants than the juice.

At Maduban Naturals, we make products containing pomegranate antioxidants that are extracted from different portions of the fruit (peel, juice, and seed) and combined together to provide a synergistic effect when consumed. The fresh fruit or its juice also contains histamines which can cause throat infections and other complications in some people. This problem is avoided in the case of pomegranate fruit-based products since the histamines and other harmful enzymes are destroyed while processing.

Also, our products are made from pomegranates that are sourced from a single location and are processed farm fresh after the thorough cleaning.

What is Jamun fruit and how is it useful to health?

Jamun or Indian blackberry is a fruit native to India. The pulp of the fruit is rich in minerals, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The seed contains a glucoside which helps prevent the breakdown of starch to sugar thereby controlling sugar levels in the body. The extract of the fruit is thus useful for prevention of diabetes.We offer the whole fruit extract of fresh Jamun fruit made from pulp, juice, and seed in the form of a food supplement powder, whole fruit extract capsules and fruit infused herbal tea.

Where can I get your products?  

Our products can be purchased online through our website www.madubannaturals.com. We offer free shipping to any place within India. Our products are also retailed through select stores in Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai.

How safe is to shop for products through your web store?

The payment gateway is made secure by PayU Money. Also when the payment for a product is made, the seller gets to receive the money only when the purchaser confirms receipt of the product. If the ordered item is not shipped to the purchaser within the stipulated time, the payment gets reversed and is credited back to the purchaser.

What is the advantage of purchasing the products from web store against purchasing from other retail stores?

You get to order the products from home and the products get delivered to your doorstep thus saving precious time and money in commute. We offer free shipping to any place within India thus resulting in substantial savings. It is thus safe, economical and more convenient to purchase a product online.

What is your Return policy?

We are very confident that you will be happy with your purchase of our products. In case you still want to return the products, we agree to take them back if the seal is not broken and if the products are returned within 7 days of purchase.