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Dog Chews – Vegetarian & enriched with pomegranate whole fruit extracts

It would be great if dogs could rinse their mouth after every meal but alas, they cannot do so. Hence dental problems are the most common of all dog ailments. Since dental problems lead to more serious diseases (often fatal) it is best to take preventive steps to avoid this early on.

Unlike humans, dogs rarely get cavities but are more plagued by the problem of tartar / plaque build up. Food particles start accumulating on the teeth and along the gums thus resulting in a sticky, invisible film of bacteria called plaque. Plaque, if not removed regularly, tends to harden and results in tartar. This leads to infection and gum bleeding. The infection thus formed can get transmitted by the blood stream to more sensitive areas like the heart, liver and kidneys resulting in very serious ailments.

Preventive steps:

 1. Daily diet – It is best if the diet is non-sticky. The dog should also drink lots of fresh water. Access to clean drinking water at all times is a must.

2. Brushing of teeth – Brushing of teeth at least twice a week is a must. Please see link for more details –

3. Dog chews – Chewing on hard biscuits helps scrape the plaque off the teeth without damaging the enamel. Chews are more vital for a dog that is brought up on vegetarian or soft food.

For more information on Pomegranate Dog Chews – Vegetarian, please click on the link –

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